Solutions Needed

We need solutions. Can you help?

The Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust is calling for expressions of interest from anyone who has a solution or an idea that could generate a solution or could carry out research on the following high priority waste streams for New Zealand. After some research and talking to the councils we at SIFT think these are the top 4 waste streams that need solutions as soon as possible.

  • Treated Timber (read more about this on our recent blog post)
  • Glass - it needs to be sorted.
  • Hazardous Waste - lots of different kinds fit into this category.
  • Tyres - 1 tyre per person per year is dumped in New Zealand - that's 4 million wasted tyres per year

SIFT has the funding, expertise and links to others who could help solve the above priority waste streams but we need the solution - do you have it?

Other waste streams that are in our Top 10 include green waste (which types are the problem?), flexible plastics (all those plastics that you can't recycle like food wrap), packaging (reduce), ewaste (this is another biggie) and construction and demolition waste (especially important for Christchurch and the 20 years of waste to come out of the city after the earthquake). We know the time, money and expertise is out there so contact us if you think you might be able to help.


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