Styrofoam in all its glory

Styrofoam.. Probably the most pointless substance in the world (except when it comes down to packaging your valuables) can be so damn hard to get rid of in an environmentally friendly manners. Here is an awesome blog about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of getting rid of styrofoam, but I would love to hear your ideas about what we should do with the substance.

Styrofoam, made from polysterene, is petrol based and is bad bad bad! Those innocent little styrofoam baubles and cups contain carcinogens. Now how happy are you with them getting up close and personal with your food and your food appliances?

A box filled with environmental evil...

A box filled with environmental evil...

Not only is styrofoam bad for you, its bad for the environment! It doesn’t bio-degrade, it creates huge amounts of air pollution and it is made from a non-renewable resource!

So what can we do about it?

Well we can say no… but then if your toaster breaks and you need a new one then it is still going to be packaged in styrofoam. So while we can try to change the behaviour of those around us by switching styrofoam cups to keep-cups or mugs that are washed, there really needs to be changed.

What can we use for packaging in place of styrofoam, that still is light weight, to keep shipping costs down, while offering enough protection to fragile items? get your thinking caps on and share your ideas!

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