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Source: Flickr promqu33n photostream

Source: Flickr promqu33n photostream

Phew! What a week! Project meetings, strategic planning, new enquiries…All go! But as always we still kept a look out for the waste and sustainability links that could be interesting for our blog readers. Here are this week’s Friday Favourites:

  • I watched the No Impact Man movie this week, finally and it was excellent. Inspired me to do a lot more no impact living especially when it comes to waste. You can read Colin Beavan (No Impact Man)’s blog here or get inspired and take action here and watch a clip from the movie here.
  • 21 Councils in New South Wales, Australia have formed an alliance to halve the amount of waste going to the Albury Waste Management Centre in Southern NSW as they are running out of room. More here.
  • Latest tonnage statistics from the MfE on waste to landfill here.
  • Have you heard of the Pacific Gyre and all of the plastic waste circulating around it – Beth from Fake Plastic Fish blogs about why we can’t clean it up here.
  • posted a really informative video on what happens when BP spills….coffee!
  • Want to know what is happening in New Zealand’s energy sector for the past quarter (and the carbon emissions associated with that)? Check out the lastest NZ Energy Quarterly from the MED.
  • How to make a house out of an aeroplane here from Re-Nest.
  • Another great find from Re-Nest - Reclaimed and upcycled Apple Gadget chargers – love the typewriter.
  • National Geographic’s Human Footprint movie – a look at consuming from birth to death and how much we consume. Info here and short clip here.

And if you haven’t already checked it out visit Waveney Warth and Matthew Luxon’s new Rubbish Free website for some great tips and resources.

Have a lovely Waste Free Weekend (WFW)!

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